Astrolab with new Minimoog V4?

Hi Arturia :slight_smile:
I’ve ordered my Astrolab, excited to pair it with my Yamaha Montage M8x as a top tier board, but just noticed the Minimoog V4 isn’t supported yet.
Is there a technical reason, why this isn’t going to be included yet, or will it be coming soon in time , if so how long are we looking at realistically ?

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Thanks, jon

Just to manage your expectations, firstly this is an enthusiasts’ forum mostly populated by users just like you. Secondly, Arturia staff very rarely comment on future plans, even if the ask is as simple as when can users expect fixes/patches to be deployed to improve existing products’ performance.

However…Astrolab is their newly-launched premium-priced hybrid controller, so I would be surprised if you have to wait long for an update to make it compatible with any current V Collection or Analog Lab instruments.

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Hi @trusampler
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As @Jon_Vincent correctly states, Arturia rarely, if ever, comment on upcoming releases, so the best way to keep in touch with all things Arturia is to subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about them.



While Arturia has not confirmed a specific date for the update, it has been noted that the first release version of AstroLab is compatible with V-Collection 9, and that V-Collection X instruments (including MiniV4) will be added in an update.


Great news thanks for the reply’s :heart: