Astrolab and MIDI

I’m getting hung notes on Astrolab when sending MIDI from a Roland Fantom, is anyone seeing anything similar? The hung notes continue after pulling the MIDI cable and resetting MIDI options to default, which was worrying but a preference reset in the Astrolab utility solves for that. Also, fyi, per Arturia, program change messages are not implemented (yet) on Astrolab.

Hoping firmware will eventually fix all of the above, I love this keyboard and the concept behind it.

I haven’t gotten any hung notes from the onboard keyboard, nor from any MIDI or USB controller I’ve connected to the AstroLab, but maybe the Fantom is sending extra MIDI data that are clogging the MIDI In.
If you have reported it to Arturia via the online support form, I’m sure it’s being looked into.

Program Change + Bank Select messages are being received by AstroLab using the PlayLists as follows:

  • MSB = Playlist index
  • LSB = Song index in Playlist
  • Program Number = Preset index in Song

So, if you want to select the 5th preset in the 2nd Song of the 1st Playlist:
MSB = 0, LSB = 1, Program Change = 4

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