Assigning CC11 (Expression) from an external source?

I’m trying to assign Expression (CC11) from an external source (Kontrol S61 mk3 via Bitwig) and it seems hard wired to Master Cutoff. Is there no way to route this to an arbitrary source?


On the synth:
Set “Settings/Expression Control/Exp1 Settings” = “Ribbon” (or some other controller that appears on the mod matrix rows). The default of “Master Cutoff” explains why you hear that straight away when sending CC11 to the PB.

Or if using Connect:
Open the “Preset Settings” panel where the upper right of that panel has the “Pedals” settings. Set “Exp 1 Dest” = Ribbon".

Now CC11 appears on row K “Ribbon + Y” in the mod matrix, and you can assign that to anything as usual.