ASC Missing Keystrokes Assignment

Hi All,

Not being able to assign keystroke commands to Arturia keyboards is a real downer. For example “Ctrl+Z” to Pad 1 in user mode or “Shift+1” to Pad 2. Implementing keystrokes wouldn’t require too much work and would open a world of new possibilities for Arturia controller keyboards. Novation already offer keystroke customization.

Arturia users should be able to assign anything we want to those pads such as opening / closing folders, deleting/ adding tracks , copy/cut /paste. (Its a controller after all )The possibilities would be literally endless all from a single touch on those pads or faders.

PLEASE implement this feature Arturia.

Hey @Voltage welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

ASC is for managing your licences and downloads my friend.

If you don’t have it installed already, you can find the shortcut to install it in ASC as in the pic below…


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