Arturia Sounds & AstroLab

Hi I want to buy some of the Arturia ‘Sounds’ packs for my AstroLab. Am I right in thinking that all of the ‘paid’ packs are compatible with the AstroLab?

I can see some free Sounds packs for the Polybrute and MicroFreak which I presume are not AstroLab compatible?


Hi @Frosto . Welcome to the community.

I don’t have AstroLab.
But as far as i can tell from the product pages, then you should be able to use the presets from the soundstore for the sound engines that AstroLab support, no matter they are free or not.

So yes you for example can’t use Polybrute presets in AstroLab.

Please read more on the product pages and in the manual:

For the MatrixBrute, PolyBrute, MicroFreak, MiniFreak sound banks, you are correct, they are not compatible with AstroLab, since they are designed for specific hardware synths.

For the other “software-synths” soundbanks, it’s a bit more complicated.
AstroLab can load presets/soundbanks through Analog Lab, from every instrument in V-Collection 9 (except Mellotron V) and Pigments.
It is not yet compatible with new instruments in V-Collection X and beyond (Acid V, CP70 V, Augmented Brass/Woodwinds/Yangtze, nor the latest versions of MiniV4 and WurliV3 (which were still MiniV3 and WurliV2 in VC9). Those should be added to AstroLab in future firmware updates.
AstroLab is also not-compatible with “legacy” versions of instruments earlier than V-Collection 9. For instance, AstroLab can load presets from Jup-8V4, CS-80V4, Prophet 5V and Prophet VSV (all included in VC9), but not from earlier versions such as Jup-8V3, CS-80V3, Prophet V3.
Depending when the paid soundbanks were created, they might contain presets from those earlier versions that are not (and won’t be) compatible with AstroLab, or from newer versions that are not yet (but will be) compatible with AstroLab.

Thanks for your replies, that info helps a lot!

Given the complications with some of the versions, it might be good if Arturia could add a ‘Works with AstroLab’ label to the sound packs to clear up confusion.