Arturia Plugins disappeared from Kompete Kontrol 3.0.0 update


So, I’ve found that sometimes using Komplete Kontrol has been a good way to find sounds in my various arturia softsynths. I mostly use Analog Lab, but it’s been good to do. I also have projects where I loaded a sound via Komplete Kontrol (normally I’d go straight to the arturia host, but haven’t always)

And all of my arturia products appeared in Komplete Kontrol prior. But the Komplete Kontrol 3.0 update seems to have lost them. I’ve rescanned, added paths, etc. Using a Mac Mini M2 with Ventura. I’ll try various Native Instruments support, but I’m not very hopeful I’ll get much help from them, so hoping someone may have a solution or reason.

Thank you,
Michael VH

Hi @mshvan ,

What Komplete Kontrol 3?
If it’s for the comming new Komplete Kontrol, then i believe it use a new format NKS3. I don’t think it can use NKS2 format. So it will require a whole new set of NKS files to work, and that set will not work as NKS2 format i think. Don’t know enough to be completely sure though.

What does the Komplete Kontrol 3.0 release notes say?

EDIT: I assume you can use MiniFreak V thru the top dropdown menu. EDIT END

EDIT 2: I can see a Komplete Kontrol version 3.0 have been announced here 2 days ago.: Official update status - Komplete Kontrol (current version: 3.0.0) — Community . EDIT 2 END

EDIT 3: I can’t see a new NKS format is needed to use Komplete Kontrol software 3.0. So perhaps not. I’m still not sure. EDIT END 3

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Thanks so much for taking time to reply and help out.

I can’t find release notes (!). The tab in native access for release notes has some short generic sentence. It actually is redesigned, so a significant upgrade (still no scaleable gui, which is bananas). I may have waited to do the update—I didn’t look closely at it because I changed computers and in the transfer just went ahead and did a batch-reinstall of all of my NI software. After is when I saw it was this bigger-type update (though I maybe wouldn’t have known until after it was installed anyway).

I did some things people had already written online who had seemingly the same issue with prior versions of Komplete Kontrol, but none of those fixes worked. I can load Arturia softsynths from KK, but that’s not really how i was using it. They’re accessible in a submenu—so it has scanned them and recognized them, but they’re not in the library and the list of Arturia favorites I’d saved are lost. I had a separate list of favorited patchces there for particular projects that I hadn’t yet marked in V collection favorites.

I don’t have minifreak—have V collection, and a couple Augmented. Except the Pigments patches you get in the V collection, all of the other Arturias show up.

I read the link you posted too—about a year ago, I got those types of messages and as people said in the thread, running in Rosetta fixed it (sloooooow though). That doesn’t work with my situation.

Thanks again

Hi again @mshvan ,

I think you are refering to another link i posted in another NKS thread. The link above is for something that might be the Komplete Kontrol 3.0 release notes.

The plugins have been scanned. But perhaps the Library is not scanned correct. So i suggest you rescan a Library (not the plugin) to see, if that helps.

As said, i’m still not sure what work in Komplete Kontrol 3.0. I normally don’t use Komplete Kontrol.

I have been using Komplete Kontrol until now but with version 3.00 and more nothing works whether it is the vst, Analog Lab V or the samples.
On the Native forum they all revert to the previous version.
For my part I left a message but I don’t really have any use for it right now so I’m waiting for the update.
Bonne soirée .

Got the same issue. Had to reintall my Windows PC and tried to keep old folders in AppData etc. Reinstalled e.g. V Collection, but in Kontrol, it is quite tiny what is displayed:

… sure I did a rescan. So as you write it here, it might be not my fault, but some new issue with Kontrol 3.0 (before it was an older one)

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all the rest is as you suggest, but reset preferences appears to be gone in the new version

Hi, thanks. I’m using a mac, but an interesting thing, I had an Augmented Instruments update in the Arturia software center yesterday and they all have appeared again. None of the other V collection. I’m wondering if Arturia needs to do some NKS standard update for the rest? I really would prefer not to reinstall all the others, it’s all stable now (except for this issue I’m writing about)

Good evening everyone.
I downloaded from the link, I directly re-installed the old version, it works as before.

Komplete Kontrol S series MK1 claviers en fin de vie — Communauté (

Windows : - Google Drive

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Thank you for that—I looked for an previous version installer and couldn’t find. I did get an auto update for the Augmented Instruments and after those updates, they reappeared. So, hoping/waiting that Arturia just has to update some NKS compatibility for the rest.

Completely agree!

When I upgraded my computer year before last, I made the conscious decision to thoroughly control all of the files and folders on my drives to avoid junk. Every time I download a VST2 or VST3, I make sure it is saved in it’s own vendor folder. This helps me locate them faster, avoid doubles and have access to addition files saved within the VST folder without confusion (such as uninstallers’). Another bigger issue, there are some DAWs and other programs that can only use one file path for accessing VSTs, if they’re not organized correctly it can give people lots of issues and cause wasted time organizing instead of being able to jump into music while in a creative mood.

Also, I always do custom installs and avoid AAX and 32bit when I can (I do not use ProTools). The very first install I did when upgrading my computer was Native Instruments. I wanted to make sure all the files and folders were done correctly in Documents, AppData, Program Files, Program Data and the associated VST folders, as NI products have always been the worst when it comes to randomly allocating folders on the drive incorrectly. They never corrected their old folder allocation setups when introducing the Komplete Kontrol mkII lineup, so now you have to deal with both, the documents, AppData style and the common files data style. In some cases a single instrument uses both, such as Absynth or Massive, which creates even more issues when adding libraries to either instrument.

After doing so, I have had very little problems with performance and file locations. As a matter of fact, the only VST I have always had an issue with is Kontakt 7. That one VST is the only one that refuses to be placed in a folder, and NI refuses to fix the issue, since it’s debut. Don’t bother asking them to fix it (if you have the same issue?), they’ll ignore you and pawn the problem off as if you should just ignore it. I know from experience, I’ve asked them 3 times and always get the same answer, “We can’t change it!”. Which, is code for “shut up and move on!”.

Roland also has that issue with their VST2 folder, but the difference is, you can leave them there and copy them to your desired location and they work just fine. You just can’t delete them or Roland Cloud won’t know they’re installed and won’t update correctly, but they don’t take up space and when you update the sound libraries you don’t have to copy anything over, just VST updates.

You will find though, that once your VST and program folders are set correctly and deeply organized you almost never have issues, unless it’s on their side. Which most companies usually fix within a week when reported, but not NI… they’re stubborn bastards and they know better than anybody else. It takes them a whole month or two and usually with a whole round of updates and you’re sitting there with useless product waiting that time for a fix.

That being said… I have the Kontrol/Maschine system. I invested into them because at the time I liked the direction they were going synergy-wise, but now I feel they’re going backwards and charging their clients too much for those mistakes. I’ll continue to carry the software, but I’m looking now at different systems to upgrade to, for a more enhanced experience and less headaches.

I’m tired of companies that treat people like old news, when they won’t upgrade to the newest and latest product lines. Especially when they don’t listen to their clients to iron out the bugs and issues from the previous line of products, and those same bugs and issues continue with the new line. NI can change their icons and font as much as they want, but when the products continue to have the problems version after version, and the price of upgrades is extremely high for very little value, they can’t expect to keep clients returning in the coming years by simply providing a bigger screen.

I feel like Arturia gets that and over the last 2 years I have purchased most of their software, which I truly enjoy… I’m also a big fan of UVI right now!

I know you weren’t asking for any help with that, I just agreed with your comment and wanted to let people know how I dealt with those issues. I hate the feeling of wasting time updating and organizing constantly when I’m in a creative mood and just want to get working on music.


I had this problem too and found. a solution for my Mac OS install.
Try this with one Arturia instrument at first to make sure it’s working for you too.

First go to this location and delete the preferences file. Your user name will be different of course!

/Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.Komplete Kontrol.plist

Once you’ve deleted the preferences file, go to the Arturia Software Centre, select an instrument that isn’t showing in Komplete Kontrol and choose the reinstall option.

Once it has reinstalled, restart your Mac. This is important…

Once you’re restarted, load up Komplete Kontrol and it should re-scan and find the new instrument in the library.

Let me know if this works for you. And Windows users, if you can find the relevant preferences file this may then work for you too.


Thank you so much for this. I thought reinstalling the arturia plug ins might be a way, after the augmented reappeared when they updated. But the thing is - I’m concerned that if I erase my prefs file, all of the favorites I had will disappear. I was using that as a secondary working list of patches I was using. When the augmented updated, the favorites I had in those reappeared, so I felt like they were still in there somewhere.

Though, that said, if the next couple updates don’t bring them back, I might do your way. I really appreciate the time and help.

No worries at all. But hey, what I’ll do is favourite a few things here, both in the standalone synths and also in AnalogLab and then do the reinstall process again on those instruments and see if the favourites stay.

I’ll report back once I’m done!

** ok, I deleted the com.native-instruments.Komplete Kontrol.plist file and then proceeded to ‘reinstall’ both AnalogLab and Arp2600 as tests. I had made favourites in Komplete Kontrol (for the Arp2600) and also in AnalogLab for some random patches and in Arp2600 for some patches too.

After a reboot, I’m glad to say all favourites are still there and good…

If you do now decide to go ahead, just remember that in Arturia Software Centre, there is both an ‘uninstall’ option and then a little down arrow next to this. Click the little down arrow and there is the ‘reinstall’ option. Not sure if this would make a difference, but this is how I did it.

Go for it and good luck!