Arturia MIDI Control Center alternative for MicroFreak on Linux

For anyone interested, Elektroid now supports Arturia MicroFreak.

Long story short, some years ago, Elektroid was created as a FLOSS Elektron Transfer replacement for GNU/Linux that has evolved to support other MIDI devices.

Now, MicroFreak support has been added, which provides the same functionality found in MIDI Control Center for presets, samples and wavetables. Although it’s still in the works, it’s already fully functional. (I’ve faced an occasional issue with long samples that I’m unable to replicate but other than that it just works.)

For anyone interested, report bugs or suggestions here.

If anyone is interested in adding MiniFreak support or anything else, let’s talk about it.

By the way, Elektroid fully supports Arturia MicroBrute too.



So you did reverse engineer the whole MicroFreak preset serialisation and MIDI communication… You’re definitely talented.

Thanks for sharing ! And again, congrats !

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do the same with MiniFreak because it does not use MIDI anymore for configuration and data transfers.

Nice work !! Thanks for sharing !

Cheers !

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@Tim.Arturia, do you know if there is a way to fully reset the MicroFreak other than by reinstalling the firmware?

I suspect the issue that I have with samples might have been caused by some wrong message that I might have sent. So I’m specifically looking at formatting or wiping the sample memory. Is there a procedure for this?


I think that there is no such way of erasing the samples memory except erasing all samples using the MCC.
I’ve sent you a PM with some extra information.

Cheers !

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