Arturia KeyLab 88 MkII vs KeyLab 61 MkII

Is there any difference between the 88Mkll vs. the 61Mkll other than overall size, laptop/sheet music space and number of keys? Are the fader’s, knob’s, key’s and pad’s feel and size the same? Are all the electronics the same? Is the 61Mkll just a smaller 88Mkll?

As far as I know the difference is also in the keybeds. Keylab 88 has full-weighted hammer mechanic piano keys, KeyLab 61 has half-weighted keys. If you are a learned piano player you will favor the hammer mechanic. If you are a learned organ player the hammer mechanic would make some of my playing styles impossible :man_shrugging:

Before you make a buying decision go into a shop in which you can test the playing-feel of the different keybeds.

I am not able to find any Arturia gear near me unfortunately. I may actually want a less “acoustic piano” feel due to a bit of arthritis, so the 61Mkll may be a better choice. Is there anything missing or different on the 61Mkll that the 88Mkll would provide?

Nope. The only difference is their keybed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info

Would the 61 Mkll come with the full version of Analog Lab?

Hi @jfc0987 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Sorry to hear about your Arthritis, it’s not much fun i know!

It seems that it DOES come with the full version of ALV, according to the product page here.


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Is there any difference between the keybed of the 49 Mkll vs. 61 Mkll? It appears the 2 are grouped together, indicating they are the same except number of keys?

No, they are the same, I have both.

In many of the reviews, they say the 88 note has heavier actions than the competition.

I was debating over whether to get the 88 or 61 note Keylab and the 88 or 61 note S series from Native Instruments.

Due to the reviews and total lack of finding anywhere with both to try out, I went for the Arturia Keylab 61 and the Native Instruments S88.

I have a bit of arthritis in my hands and I find the S88 a little bit heavy (though bearable but my arthritis is too bad at present), so I think the Keylab 88 would have been too heavy.

I really like both of my keyboards, as a stand alone midi controller the Keylab wins by a mile.

I bought my Keylab mk2 61 in January this year, in the UK.

It came with both Analog Lab 4 and Analog Lab Pro
It also came with both Piano v2 and an upgrade to Piano V3