Arturia Keylab 49 MK II with Ableton Live


I own Arturia Keylab 49 MK II. I want to use this device in Ableton Live 11. There is no problem in Analog Lab mode. However, I cannot get recordings when checking other Arturia plugins or stock Ableton Live plugins. For example, I open the Analog Lab plugin and apply Cutoff automation while recording. There is nothing wrong. However, when I turn on Mini V3, it applies cutoff, no problem, but I cannot record automation. Anyone experiencing similar problem? I can also send a video.


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Hello @burakcanmusic ! Nice to see you around!

The issue is from Ableton I think. When that you load a individual synth like Mini V or Pigments you have to click the “eyelash” (I think is that the name in English) in the box of the plugins and press “Configure”, then press the knob or the function you want to automatize and it will appear outside in the plugin box.

Then you have to MAP to MIDI the knob you want to use to record the function you configure (in this case cutoff) and then you can record an automation in ableton.

Let me know if this helps you! I know there’s a bit complex than with Analog Lab but I think is more an Ableton thing.

See you around!

First of all, thank you for your help.

It is true that manual mapping works using the “MIDI” tab on the top right in Ableton. However, what I want is to be able to use direct knobs and faders in Analog Lab. Analog Lab vst detects my movements, no problem. But this does not happen in Mini v3 or other Arturia plugins. I’m putting a video link below, maybe it will be more descriptive…

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Hi @burakcanmusic,

Yes that was what I told you. That’s an Ableton thing, you must Map to Midi with the Midi tab on the right. It is the only way. It doesn’t works like Analog Lab V (the individuals plugins), you must map to a midi to write an automation with it.

Hope this resolve your questions. See you around! :smiley: