Arturia Jazz Impro

A small impro wth Drumbrute impact as drum, Jupiter V4 Upright Bass and Piano V3 Butter preset by Joshua Fielstra (modified).

Normally I would use Amplesound Upright bass, Pianoteq Blüthner and Addictive Drums with Arturia pad or voices.
Since I’m learning the Impact, I tought I would try to import Addictive Jazz beats into the DBI. A lot of work, a lot of learning experience.
I’m more a guitarist than a pianist though I play a lot of Fakebook tunes on the piano.


Hi Francoise and thanks for posting!

TASTY! That’s some nice chops you have there :grin:
Keep them coming!

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Thank you, Matjones, for your forgivness :face_with_peeking_eye:!

I think it’s a good idea for younger musicians to publish what they do and I wanted to incite more publications, even if it’s not mainstream.
I don’t spend much time correcting and masterizing and I had ro adapt to Piano V3. I hope it will entice more contributions.

I won’t pollute the airwaves very often. I’m more curious listening to what other contributors do.


Wow sounds Great!


Thank you VFerttorandez!

I don’t spend much time on “good” sound. I’m used to jazz workshops (guitar, sax) where you spend the day working on two pieces to be played in public on the evening. You get used to live with eventual flaws. I hope it will foster more publications.

Piano V3 sounds good. It has to be tailored to one’s taste. I just got the Drumbrute Impact two weeks ago so I’m still learning.


Nice! Thanks for sharing it! P3 sound amazing I just did a couple of weeks ago a preset from scratch or from zero and I love it. I like Emotional Pianos or like cinematic pianos with texture.

Piano_Preset_Emotional Damage Piano_20230811_10h02.pi3x (4.1 KB)

That’s the preset, it’s called Emotional Damage Piano cause the meme but it is very emotional jeje. let me know what you think! And share more music, love to see what the Arturia Users are doing :smiley:


It sounds great! I’ve never heard a preset like this. :hearts:

When played gently (with the appropriate velocity curve) you can hear the piano, a guitar and an electric piano (the pianet N or T. I would say). With higher velocities, the electric piano side comes out.

It should be in your sound with your music. If you feel like it, obviously. I’m guessing but I think you like improvising.

I’m a retired professor of computer science (AI in the 90’s), hence not a professional musician. I play for fun. But I can’t live without music.


Thanks! Enjoy the Preset! :slight_smile:

That preset is the sound I use for my piano compositions and improvisations :smile:

I can’t live without music too. Thanks for the reply!


Very nice indeed!

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