Arturia Essential Keylab 49 works on ardour and linux?

Hello, I love Arturia as a keyboard and I wanted to know if it is possible to use this keyboard and all its capabilities in Linux and with Ardor. I wanted to know if I can assign sounds to the pads and if all the keyboard functions are available in Linux in this DAW. On the other hand, is there someone who is using Linux and the Arturia Essential keylab 49 keyboard?

Ardour forum would be the best place for help , with this specific situation.
Most if not all DAWS allow you to configure your controller. i know they have added Keylab MKII (8.4) to the list which i will test soon. makes things easy…
As i am new to Midi/music production my knowledge is limited, best of luck.

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[Linux music with Arturia (and other) hardware]

Sorry, Thinking about you probably should first refer to Arturia Midi Control Center Manual.
and add Ardour to a DAW list first , I have to factory reset my controller i messed it up so
im not much help :weary:

But have you tried it from Windows or Linux?

… Linux, i am just trying Ardour also. And finding it requires more reading to setup.
i find the setup a little confusing ,
This May be some help/start