Arturia BSP & Roland S-1 via MIDI cables BOSS CC-2-3535

I am having trouble controlling my Roland S-1 synthesizer via MIDI with my Arturia BSP sequencer. I want to use the BSP to sequence the Roland S-1. I understand that there are different types of MIDI cables (Type A and Type B), and I need help setting up these two machines to work together. Can someone please provide me with guidance on how to do this?

You’re on the right track. Roland uses a Type A connection and the BSP uses Type B. There’s a nice database at that can help you find the TRS MIDI type used by different gear.

The most straightforward thing to do is to get an adapter of each type and connect between them with a standard 5-pin MIDI cable. The BSP normally comes with Type B adapters in the box. The S-1 doesn’t include an adapter, but they’re readily available at music shops or Amazon.

Roland/Boss and other companies also sell longer cables with a Type A TRS plug on one end and a male 5-pin MIDI plug on the other. You can connect that directly to the Type B adapter that comes with the BSP.