Arturia 64bit synths in 32 bit daw via j-bridge

Hello Arturia forum,

After having much problems with daws after coming back to music making I have decided to reuse my daw of choice before my hiatus.

it’s a 32 bit daw- Acid pro 7, running on a 64 bit system (win 10) via j bridge, I am wanting to use some 64 bit plugins and softsynths,

I have managed to get quite a few running sucessfully, but the Arturia ones are playing up and not loading properly,

anyone have any experience of this situation or any tips tricks to overcome this issue.

forum users or arturia devs ?

thanks in advance.

HI @username100 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

I can understand why, after quite some time away from your DAW, that you’d want to return to what you know/knew.
But, that’s an OLD bit of software now and there are plenty of VERY cheap ‘Se’ versions of various DAWs around now, as well as some for free, such as Universal Audio’s ‘Luna’. Most of which will be MUCH more advanced and capable than your current DAW.

Your best bet would be to just bite the bullet and look at one or two of those.
Things have moved on MASSSIVELY since 2009 or so, in terms of hard and software. The difference between working in a 32/64bit environment is NIGHT AN DAY my friend… Just ten minutes with a 64bit DAW and you’ll be convinced, i know i and everyone else i know was…way back when it happened.
All the kinks have been ironed out now pretty much. I remember bridging plugins back around the time 64bit started to gain traction and i do not miss it.

If we’re all being honest here, this is your best course of action.


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Thanks for the reply, I happen to like that old daw, it’s very simple and fast to work on,
Luna daw has very poor midi implementation, I assume you recommend it because Arturia software is one of the companies who’s synths and plugs will work properly on.
The fact remains most of the plugs and synths work fine in the situation I am describing apart from Arturia? why is this and is there a solution?

Also why haven’t Arturia designed and released a simple and basic daw? it’s what the world needs after every developer trying to outdo the next one continuously with every iteration and upgrade, manuals will be up to a thousand pages in a few more years.

it’s gotten beyond a joke.

simple and straightforward wins the day. imo.

Hi @username100

I do understand your reticence, i’m not the youngest person on here by quite some years lol, but the 64bit world really is worth you looking at.
Of course there are other DAWs out there for free or very little money, Reaper is another, i purely mentioned UAs Luna as i have been messing about with it myself earlier today and rather like its layout as i come from a hardware background, nothing more.
None of us ‘external moderators’ work for Arturia, so we’re pretty much free to speak our own minds, within reason of course.
Personally i use Cubase Pro 13 for most things currently, i’m looking at other options for mixing though for various reasons. The midi implementation in Cubase is pretty much as good as it gets, it started as a midi sequencer way back in 1989, i remember using it on an Atari ST not long after.

That being said and your question re Arturia Making a DAW, i have absolutely no idea whether it’s in the pipeline or not even being considered. If there’s any movement on that one it’s likely to be announced through Arturia’s usual channels, i.e. The Newsletter, Social Media, The Press etc

To mat,

Neither are you the oldest, son! :upside_down_face:
I discovered techno on Voyetra, a Daw running on Dos before being introduced to Cubase 1.

To the point: I’ve used JBridge successfully with Arturia VSTs on Band in a box before PG Music moved to 64 bits.

Reaper can be a straightforward and fast DAW open to great complexity. It runs in 32 and 64 bits, on Windows, Linux and Ios.

There is an Acid Pro 11 version (100$ US).

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Thanks for the info mate, much appreciated! :sunglasses:

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I got this Issue sorted, the 64 bit plugs work like a charm in the 32 bit daw.