Arpeggiator stuck on when used with Hold

I have a pretty new Keylab Essential 49 mk3 with the latest firmware, and have an issue with the arpeggiator: when used together with the Hold function, arpeggiated notes can get stuck on with no way to clear them except for unplugging/replugging the USB cord (powering off/powering back on).

This is the exact sequence that makes this happen (I think):

  • Turn Arpeggiator ON
  • Turn Hold ON
  • make arpeggio magic happen
  • Turn Hold off AFTER turning arpeggiator off


  • Things seems fine, no notes are playing.
  • But, turn arpeggiator back on and the previously held notes start arpeggiating again.

At this point the only way to stop them is to press the exact arpeggiated notes on the keyboard, but if you don’t know what exact notes it is playing good luck, or just try pressing all the notes (not good in the middle of a live set). Pressing/releasing Hold again has no effect, holding a new sequence of notes just adds them to the previously arpeggiated notes, and pressing/releasing Panic buttons (left and right arrows together) does nothing either.

So the only option is to physically unplug/replug the keyboard.

Have others experienced this, and does anyone know a fix?

(Of course, the best thing is to just turn off hold before turning off the arpeggiator, but during a performance where both of these functions are used all the time, it is almost guaranteed that I will inadvertently do this in the wrong order.)