Arpeggiator changing rate and no longer syncing

Hi all,

I had a bug today with the Jun-6 (v ARM64) in Pro Tools Ultimate 2024.3.1 on a Macbook Pro M1 Max, the arpeggiator switched from being perfectly in sync (1/16) to playing at a much faster rate when I tried to commit the track to a new audio file. I could not get the Jun-6 back in sync with the track until I quit Pro Tools and restarted. I have had this same issue with a couple of other Arturia synths (Prophet V, Jup-8, Matrix 12, OP-Xa). Any ideas why this happens?

Cheers, thanks!

Hi @mikehiratzka ,

I don’t know about ProTools.

How do you know it’s the Arpeggio that run faster and not something else that run slower?
Do you use audio tracks in your project? If so do you have the issue in an all midi project?

Can there be some settings when or before you convert to audio that can prevent this?