Are your Faders Min/Max ok in DAW or AL (standalone)?

Hi all,

Are your Faders zeroing out and/or hitting the max value in DAW or AL?

Mine often do not. In Ableton - Have to sweep a few times to get 6.0 or to -INF
I may get close, 5.8 or -68.5 or 5.7 or -69.2 but its unreliable everytime.

Same with AL Standalone. Presets parameters do not min/max reliably.

Please share you experince as I can’t quite judge if this is a larger issue or most people have no problem with that.

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This sounds like it could be some sort of a scaling issue? Is it picking up the value in a relative mode or are you using absolute controllers?

All troubleshooted with support etc.
Also problem with farder 1 and 3 only… Xtra/garbled data being sent.
So a smooth volume automation fade from min to max to min etc will have scratchy spikes and troffs on the automation curves on those channels only.

Thanks for reply though. Hoping to compare notes with as many users as I can (after reading some posts here about similar issues). Build quality feels awesome on KL so I’m shocked as this is my 2nd Replaced unit and waiting on 3rd…

p.s. I can see the stutering on the LED of KL itself, even when Windows is shutdown so issue lies in the unit itself for sure. Fingers crossed. x

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Glad to hear you at least narrowed down the problem. I haven’t seen issues like this on my KL but I’ve had a similar issue on other old controllers.

Thanks for response.

I see the issue also in AnalogLab standalone so that should rule out a specific DAW problem.
I also have an ancient Novation controller but never had a problem like this.

Specifically ABLETON Users: Can you confirm your KL will zero out to " -INF " or Max out to " 6.0 " via your faders?

(its hit and miss here. And mostly I have to sweep the faders a few times to zero/max out)