Are there txt files of presets for Pigments

I love softynths and appreciate the ability to be able to enlarge the screens when I’m working with the DAW, but at age 67 my eyes don’t work like they used to and I only have one studio screen from which to visually monitor my sonic playground. So I wonder if anyone has access to a text list of all of the programs in Pigments or the V9 Library while we’re at it. It sure would make exploration of sounds much easier.



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Hi @Piperbones_Jones ,

No. You have the preset browsers. That’s it.

Looks that way. Thanks.

Hi, when presets are read Arturia reconstructs a database used for browsing in Analog Lab. Since it’s not encrypted, we can always grab info from there.

Talking about something like this?

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That’s exactly what I need. How do I get that. If there would be a way to transfer the list into a spreadsheet or Google Doc or something the visual problem would be solved. Is there a way to get that whole list of presets all in one place?

Thanks, m.c.


Currently I’m not near my music PC, but I will upload a spreadsheet here later in the day.

So, here’s a list coming from my own setup. Note that it includes libraries that are not factory defaults, but you can always filter out this stuff (pack) or instruments etc.



That’s very helpful, m.c. Thank you very much. I’ll be able to locate programs, etc so much better now for all of our overlapping instruments and libraries. It is rather daunting how much we have at our fingertips. It would take several lifetimes just to audition it all. Thanks, again.


A very nice spreadsheet, m.c, but what file/folder did you import from ? I’m not seeing it in the sheet, and I sure can’t find anything in the Arturia Program Files, Program Data, or AppData in my user files.

Hello, it’s a database file here: C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets\db.db3

Hello and thank you for sharing.
In addition, great compilation of information, did you manually archive all of this?
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Hello, yes. I had to analyse this database in order to create a utility for converting arturia presets to vstPresets for using them inside Cubase’s mediaBay. But they can also be used with other DAWs. I usually browse the original presets using my Keylab, however I had to come up with something for using them also with another controller I have (a Novation SL MK3).

Here’s a small video demonstrating the conversion:


Super awesome,
thanks for the info and have a nice day.
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