Are Audiofuse 16rig mixer settings retained after power off?

If I set up a mix, unplug the device, then plug it back in at a gig - is the previous mix still active? Or do you have to manually set it up with control center, save it as a preset, then recall it at a gig from the front panel?

I’m curious as I may want to run this without a laptop. I often play with a mix of Elektron’s sequencers plus a Beatstep for a synth without a built-in step sequencer and no laptop. I’ve done that with some MOTU gear in the past and it worked.

Most settings are still active from your previous session. You can also save presets. However, I have run into an issue where the sample rate over ADAT does not remain after sessions. I use the 16rig with a Focusrite Octopre for extra inputs/outputs at 48khz, but the 16rig always seems to start up at 44.1 khz and forces me to change it to 48khz. So, if you’re not using a pre-amp extension with adat, everything will be the same when you use it in standalone mode.

Darn, that’s unfortunate. I use ADAT at 24/48 in sessions today. Do you happen to have the word clock connected?