Any way to use a Sine shape for random modulator?

Is there any way to use a random Sine shape for the random modulators?

I think in that case you would just use an LFO modulator. Maybe it would be a nice feature addition if they’d add a nice sine wave Function Preset to the Function modulators as well.

I could use an LFO modulator BUT it wouldn’t be random.

Phaseplant has random modulators where you can set chaos and will generate random sine shapes.

Hi both,

What excactly do you @IAMDOOMED mean by Random Sine Shape?

Do you mean random length of the Sine? In that case you for example can simply modulate the rate for a LFO that is set to Sine with a random module.
If you mean the amplitude of the LFO, then you can modulate the LFO SMOOTH parameter with a random module.

If you wish, then the LFO (even when modultaed) can be used as “Sample From” source for a S&H Random module. Perhaps this is what you mean.

You can even use the result from the same S&H module as source in a combinate module.

Apart from that you also have the sidechain feature.

(You can also use a Function set to LFO and use it in a similar way as the LFO in the examples above.)

Phaseplant describe Chaos here: kiloHearts - Documentation - Phase Plant
“Adjust the length of each random step.”
What have this to do with Random Sine waves?

To me that look like simply modulating the Rate for a Random module.
To me it look like you have much more possibilities using Pigments modulations.

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thanks for your help! Yes, I found out there are ways to do it.
Phaseplant: I think it was some smoothing feature, maybe not “chaos” , to round the edges. It is a quick way to modulate with a smooth kind of shape but very random timings.


Pigments S&H Random module have Rise and Fall parameters to smoothen, if it’s just about that and doing it quick and easy.

The LFO’s also have a Random waveform setting (Fully clockwise). Then the LFO’s SMOOTH functionality can smoothen the modulation (Edges).

You can also run a modulator thru a Combinate modules Lag Type. The Combinate Lag Type can smoothen any Source you select.

I don’t know much about Phaseplant. I assume it’s a good synth too. This is just to tell you some things about working in Pigments.

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