Another 80 FREE Pigments patches you say?

Yep - sorry.

I am moving home. In fact I am moving country. So, I will be busy for a few months and probably have little time to relax and create patches. So, here are 80 I had sitting on the back burner. They are not categorised, tagged nor descriptions added. I just wanted to get them out there.

For those of you adventurous enough to have installed my previous collections, you know that there may be the occasional error regarding missing samples. Please look upon this as my gift to you - an opportunity to customise my patch and make it your own.



Hello and thank you,
I will definitely make good use of it. Super nice to share, I’m a little too busy with my research in orchestral composition to really draw on the excellence of the sound universe of Pigments. Kind regards from France.


Hi @Funtmaster ,

I wish you good luck moving home. I hope you are happy about it.


Thank you.

I am overjoyed at the prospect. Returning to my homeland (UK) after 5 years in Italy.


@Funtmaster It’ll be good to have you back mate!

Hopefully things will improve here over the next couple of years! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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Hopefully you also have had a good time in Italy.

Sadly, not as much as I had hoped.

That’s a shame. One hope for a good adventure, when moving to another country for so long.
I wish you all well.


Hey! Thanks a lot!
That is really very cool of you -and I super-appreciate it!!


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Thank you so much! Your (wonderful) patches seem to always have an interesting idea or nudge in a direction that reveals a new path to explore!!! They also are a healthy reminder that time with Pigments is NEVER a bad idea. Thank you for sharing and I hope all is well.

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Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I am still being surprised by Pigments.


Many thanks @Funtmaster! Your generosity is very much appreciated. Best wishes for a smooth return to the UK.

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