Analog Lab Vs V collection 9

I have bought Keylab 61 MKII and installed Analog Lab. I was a bit disappointed that when I went to edit a preset, I was informed that I did not own the instrument and would need to buy it to edit the sounds. I keep getting a message to upgrade to V Collection. What is the different between Analog Lab V and V Collection 9? what is the benefit and if I purchase V Collection, will I have the same issue that I need to buy the instrument?

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in effect when you buy the arturia keylab you get the analog lab license which is a software that has many good things, but it is something like an encapsulation of the V collection so if you want to edit something you must have the instrument of the V Collection you want to edit, sincerely personally the V Collection is a very good set and to me it has served me a lot both to produce and to play live, anyway the good part is that for what you already have the keylab but I am wrong you can apply for a good discount if you want to upgrade.


Analog Lab is a kinda lika a player for the presets of all the synths in the V collection.
You can tune those with a few parameters, but if you want to edit the patch in its entirety you have to either buy the single instrument or the whole V collection (that includes all the instruments)


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Analog Lab is a kinda lika a player for the presets of all the synths in the V collection.

Correction: ‘some’, not ‘all’. Arturia did once include all V Collection presets with Analog Lab, but then round about the time of V Collection 6 they realised they were haemorrhaging V Collection potential purchasers to Analog Lab, because Analog Lab purchasers got all the same presets for $300 less. The only difference was Analog Lab purchasers couldn’t access the instruments’ back-ends to make their own sounds. Since then, Arturia only provide the full suite of presets to V Collection purchasers. There are about 6,000 in all.

Oh, thank you for the clarification!
I never noticed that as I started with v7.