Analog Lab V User Presets Cause Minilab 3 Knobs and Faders to Stop Working

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Analog Lab V Intro multiple times and have factory reset the Minilab 3 multiple times too. Every time I open Analog Lab after a fresh reinstall, in stand alone or as a VST, the knobs and faders work fine on the factory presets and then as soon as I go to a user preset I created the knobs and faders no longer work. And they still don’t work even if I go back to the factory presets, but the keys still work fine. This is with the Minilab in Arturia mode or a User mode. Anyone else seen anything like this or have any idea to fix it? Should I delete my user presets and rebuild them and see if that works? This is on Windows 11 by the way. I thought it might be an issue with Windows and midi devices but that doesn’t make sense since everything works fine at first.

Hi @artlee17 . Welcome to the community.

I suggest you contact Arturia support through your account with this one.