Analog Lab V responds to MIDI but doesn't change params in native mode

It record the automation lanes when using the knobs. But it if i change the value in Ableton it stil plays the recorded one???

I am not sure this an Arturia issue but perhaps by design in Ableton. If recorded information is handled anything like it is in Logic (which I use), then in certain modes, changing automated parameters will temporarily change the value but it will then jump back to the recorded value. I hope that makes sense. If this is not the issue, I am sure someone more versed in MIDI automation will respond.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: But still didn’t find a work around this problem

Just a thought but have you checked the automation is for the top/1st layer in Analog Lab and not working on the second one that could be empty?
I was having an issue in Gig Perfomer where i could see the knobs moving but nothing was happening. Turned out the above was the issue.