Analog Lab V mode not working in Reason 12


I’m on MacBook Air M2 and using Reason 12.6.2.d48. MiniLab 3 seems to integrate with Reason properly: I can switch tracks and presets, see their names on the OLED screen, manipulate Reason instruments’ parameters with encoders and faders, etc. However, when trying to operate Analog Lab Intro instrument in VST3 mode, when I switch my MiniLab to “Arturia” mode (Shift-Prog), all that happens is the preset name gets displayed on the screen but no other functionality works: I cannot browse presets, any encoder and fader actions have no effect, etc. Switching presets in the plugin using mouse causes the displayed name to update but moving other controls (knobs, faders) with a mouse doesn’t result in anything being displayed on the controller.

I have tried both the Reason’s built-in integration scripts and the Arturia-provided ones without any difference in behavior.


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