Analog Lab V Collection installation on two system drives

Hello to all! I’m new here. I pray everyone is well!

I had a question regarding Analog Lab V Collection. Recently, I’ve been updating my Mac, and I am running off of a Test Boot external SSD running Monterey. I recently installed Analog Lab on my internal system drive running Mac Catalina. I chose a directory path in the Arturia Software Center for an External SSD Samples Drive.

Here is my question. Is there a way that I can install Analog Lab V Collection on this new external Monterey drive, but have it use the samples from my SSD? When I tried to relocate it in ASC, it said the drive path I selected (where I had Analog Lab V Collection installed on my samples SSD from my internal Catalina install) is already used, so I have to delete all of it in order for it to go there? I’m just wondering if there is an easy way to install all of the V Collection without having to re-download everything since it’s already on my samples SSD drive, similar to how you download Kontakt and just redirect everything to the appropriate drive?

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It should be ‘technically’ possible, using ‘simlinks’, but i can remember at least one, rather long thread here with someone getting in a serious mess.
Personally, i have ASC installed on my system drive and my ‘Arturia Resources’ folder on a separate internal SSD. I’m on Windows btw so am unfamiliar with simlinks on a Mac.

You’ll need installers to reinstall, so unless they’re on your system somewhere you’ll likely need to download them again.

You could, of course, log in to your account to contact our support team to see if they might be able to help you further.

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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it! I heard back from Arturia too and it seems that the best way is to do multiple installs, but there have been requests for having a “sample drive” for Arturia, and they added my vote to it. I hope they come out with that, as that would be very convenient!

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