Analog Lab Pro Macros (Performance Macros Controlling Parts Macros)


I am using Analog Lab Pro to create patches for the new Astrolab.

On a single performance patch (2 parts), I managed to make the Global Macro for brightness also control the Parts Macro for brightness.

This happened by pure luck and I’m unable to repeat it on other patches.

Clicking on “Learn” will only let me select features on the Mixer page. As soon as I click on a specific part to be able to select it’s Macro for Brightness, it abandons the “macro learning” process.

Is there a way to create a Macro function without the “Learn” function?

Attached is a screen shot of what I’m looking to re-produce.

Thank you vv much!

Hi @novalis ,

In a Analog Lab Multi preset you need to open the instrument in a part and change the macros in there, if you need changes for a part. You can only do this, if you have the full individual instrument in a part.

The 4 macros in Analog Lab is set to control the 4 macros in the instruments.

When you in a none multi preset in Analog Lab click Macro Learn, then the instrument will open by it self, if you own the full version of it.

Hello I own all the Arturia Instruments and Effects. I have unfortunately lots of multi patches that do not control the macros of the instruments. The learn function does not work for me to link the global (multi) Brightness to each of the instrument’s (parts) Brightness Macro.

I am able to link any individual instrument to the macro I want. However, in multi mode, I have many patches where the Multi Macros aren’t linked to the instruments macros, so I can only control each instrument’s macro if I click on the instrument, which is not practical in a multi mode setup.

Anyone else ever experienced this problem?

Example: See attached preset that doesn’t not have the global (multi) macro linked to the individual parts macro.

Did you try what i suggested above?

Click the open button for the parts instrument to open it inside Analog Lab. Then set that instruments macro parameters.

BTW: If you use Generic setting, then you can get 9 faders too in Analog Lab. Assing parameters by clicking the name field of a control and select ASSIGN.

Hello, thanks for your reply!

I understand perfectly how to link Macros to individual instruments (parts) & their settings.

What I want, is to link the Macros of multi patches to the Parts Macros, as shows in my first screen capture.


Global Multi Brightness linked to P1 Brightness and P2 Brightness.

In other words, macros linked to macros!

Hi again,

The Global Macros control the Parts Macros by default - so they are linked allready. The Global Macros controls the parameters that’s applied to the Parts Macros.
I suggest you try what i suggest using Analog Lab in Standalone mode first.

Be sure to return to Global view (deselect part), when you have changed parameters in Parts, so the available Macros is the Global ones.