Analog Lab Pro - Installation Error?

Hi Guys,

So I have the V Collection X installed and Activated on my Laptop which I use for live work (it runs on Win 11 and I use Cantabile as a host), everything works fine.

When I tried to install Analog Lab Pro on my main DAW, although it is showing as ‘Activated’, I am unable to install it; it seems to finish downloading then I get an error message - see attached.

Apparently uninstalling and reinstalling the ASC usually fixes the problem but not it my case.

On an unrelated note, on my Arturia Account page I keep getting an offer to Cross-grade to the V Collection X for £349 despite having this product already; is this normal?

Thanks in advance, hopefully I’m just overlooking something really obvious.

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Arturia Error

Hi @GeorgeWood , Welcome to the community.

I suggest you try to reinstall Analog Lab - not ASC.

If it does’nt work through ASC, then try to download Analog Labs standalone installer from Analog Labs product page or from Arturias generel download page.

On your second question, it’s usually because you own additional stuff, for example you might have bought one of the instruments in the past or maybe you bought Pigments (don’t know if buying Pigments gives this offer, just guessing) or maybe you bought one of their keyboards that comes with an individual instrument etc.

Their software sees you own one of those and automatically offers you a price to also purchase their V collection without realising you all ready own it.

I get the same


Thanks for the advice, I downloaded the Analog Labs Installer to try to bypass the ASC but to no avail. I don’t think I’m missing out as far as I can tell, I have the V Collection X which I’m pretty sure includes all the presets, also I have Analog Labs Pro installed on my gigging Laptop, it’s more of an OCD thing at this stage.

Thanks also to HobGoblyn for confirming my suspicions.

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