Analog Lab Play controls

Hey all,

So I downloaded analog lab play and i’m only seeing one rows of controls on the bottom of the screen. In the youtube video on arturia’s site she has 2 rows of controls on the bottom. Any idea why this is? I have v collection if that makes a difference.


Hi @juandelouise

Which version of The V Collection do you currently have?

I’m not sure which video you’re referring to, but I’m fairly sure ALP just has the one row of quick controls in the bottom of its gui.
Just looking at the Arturia shop and the pics all show just the one row.

You can get the second row of controls in Analog Lab Pro by choosing Keylab Essential MK3 as a midi controller in Settings (the cog icon). Otherwise it defaults to generic controller features. It may be the same with the Play version. You have to make the changes in the standalone version of Analog Lab, even if you’re using the VST plugin.

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