Analog Lab Play Colours

I have just installed Analog Lab Play and it looks interesting but I am really struggling to read it with a black background and small text. Is there a way to make it follow the colours I us in Windows please?

Hi @jeff-gaines . Welcome to the community.

No you can’t use Windows settings.
Analog Lab only have one color theme.
I think most of Arturias full individual instruments have a dark and a light theme.
The Augmented series only have light theme and dark is very requested.

EDIT: you can resize the application in the main menu at the top left. I have PRO but i assume this is in PLAY as well. EDIT END

Many thanks LBH :slight_smile:
It’s a pity as it’s one of the few programs I have actually got to work with my Re.Corder. Microsoft lays down guidelines for the GUI which ALL programs are supposed to follow.