Analog Lab Intro and Analog Lab V

Hi all,
After purchasing Studio One, couple of years ago, there was a free Analog Lab Intro included for downloading. I Installed the Intro version. But now I ordered a Keylab 61 MKII, and another version of Analog Lab is included after registration of the KeyLab 61. Do I have to un-install the Intro version before installing the new version (more presets) to avoid double presets, or will the Intro version just be upgraded to the new version?
Thanks for any replies on this subject.

Mark Hofland

Hi @Marhof45 . Welcome to the community.

I think your Intro version become PRO, when you install the PRO version.
In any case you only need the PRO version.
The presets should not double. The resources should be the same.
It will not take long to backup user presets and uninstall Intro first, if you prefere to do that.