Analog Lab Integration

When I’m trying to edit a split patch, I cannot see an independent octave control on the Astrolab. The octave up/down works for the whole patch. I have tried to do this in Analog Lab, however, once I’m done with the patch and drop it in the Astrolab, first, the part volumes were zeroed. I tried to change these, nope, it always goes back to the version that I initially downloaded. Second, I tried to change the octaves in Analog Lab, again, it reverts to the original. Do I have to delete the patch and reload it to Astrolab?

One more question, will we have a detailed manual or a detailed video on integration with Analog Lab? This is really necessary as most of the patches are rich on attack or release, which is annoying at best for me, and I need to edit the patches that I will use.

When you’re on a Multi patch (Split or Layer), you can access all the keyboard settings for Part 1 and Part 2, in the MIDI menu (directy with SHIFT+SPLIT buttons).
Keyboard settings for each part includes Key range, MIDI channel, Octave & Transpose, and response to controls (Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, Sustain, Expression)

As an additional note; as of a recent update, plugging in an external keyboard (in my case, a Keylab MK3) and assigning one of the parts to it in the midi settings (by choosing a different midi channel) does allow you to individually adjust the octave settings and gives independent pitch and mod-wheel support. Furthermore, having access to the additional external sliders and dials usually allows for fine tuning of the envelopes of the assigned sounds (though sometimes the preset requires manual assignment of these macros from within the analogue lab software, which then need to be saved to the preset). By default, most macro changes will be global, as in they’ll effect both tones on a split or layer, but by pressing the part 1 or part 2 buttons so that their LED comes on, you often can change the parameters for the respective part.

Sadly, right now assigning one of the parts to an external controller will only affect the preset you currently have selected, and changing preset will undo the midi assignments unless you specifically save it as a new preset, but hopefully a future firmware update will allow these changes to be global across the entire device. Fingers crossed.