Analog Lab bank instructions for customers

Hi I’m getting ready to release a preset bank for Analog Lab using all 39 V Collection X instruments, Augmented Yangtze, and MiniBrute V. What instructions do I need to give customers who don’t own 1 or more of these instruments?

When I released a bank last year, people needed to download demos for any instruments that contained samples (Augmented Voices, Pigments, etc.) Is this still the case? Is it different for people who own Analog Lab Pro v.s Intro? (older Versions?)

I have a few friends testing the bank out for me, and they are getting “missing samples” messages when trying to load any presets made with Augmented series instruments they don’t own. This also happened with MiniFreak V’s wavetables, it asked him to locate them as well, but they seemed to have been installed automatically on his computer.

To answer your first question. If a customer does not own a particular instrument, they will be able to use the patch but only edit it with the supplied Analog Lab controls. They will not be able to edit the patch fully nor save a copy.

Regarding “missing sample” errors. This is a bug bear of mine that I never really got to the bottom of when I gave away my Pigments patch collections. I asked the question here and directly to Arturia and the best way I can understand it is this:

Sample and wavetables can be copy protected in some commercially available patch collections. Hence when someone else imports your patches, unless they have the same samples (ie the same patch collections) as you do, they will receive the error. I believe the majority if not all of the Arturia samples used in their factory patches are copyright free and shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, someone installing your patches would/should have the same factory patches. As I said, I never really got to the bottom of it and now either try to restrict myself to Arturia Factory samples or just use whatever I like and if someone receives the error they have to substitute a sample, which can be kind of interesting as they end up with a patch which sounds similar but not identical to the one I created. I like the randomness of that. If anyone can explain the above more clearly or affirm that it’s correct, please do…


This is what i think.

I don’t think it’s legal to sell or distribute presets using samples unless it’s your own samples. At least certain samples. probably all. So samples have to be located on a users computer. The samples need to be validated to work, i would think. Otherwise you could give presets and samples to others, so they would get all Arturias presets and samples for free to be used in a Analog Lab application. Arturia need to protect them self against piracy somehow. In generel it’s not legal to sell or distribute the property of someone else.

You can contact and ask Arturia about it.

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That’s correct, I never use anyone’s samples unless they are CC0 commons license or the factory samples included inside Arturia’s factory instrument content (samples/wavetables/etc). I am very careful to not ever use anyone’s samples or wavetables without proper clearance. For example, with the “missing samples” screenshot I posted above, I am only using the factory samples for Augmented Yangtze to make presets.

Last February when I released my last bank, I was told by Arturia to have users download the free demo for the instruments they were getting a missing samples error for (Augmented Voices, Pigments, etc.) The demo version apparently installs all of the factory samples/wavetables. Then when a user loads the preset in question, it will automatically find it and load.

The sample files seem to be in Arturia’s proprietary format and are not simple .wav files that can be loaded in a sampler. Also, I am not sharing these files or including them in the .zip folder for my bank. Unless I’m told otherwise, it seems like the only solution this time around is the same: Have people download the free demo for any Arturia instruments they are getting the “missing” samples message for. I will contact Arturia directly

Factory presets and samples are not your own to sell or distribute.

In my book it will be a hole in Arturias protection system, if you can use any presets using those in Analog Lab, unless a user own them themself. If they can be used in Analog Lab demo applications installed, then i would say it should be and perhaps are with the restrictions a demo offer.

I don’t distribute factory presets or factory sample files themselves. I use an Arturia instrument’s factory samples to make presets for that particular instrument, and convert it into Arturia Analog Lab format. I submitted a support ticket with Arturia and will take it from there. MODs please delete this thread