Analog Lab 5.9.1 Update Destroys all Augmented Libraries MACROS

Macros that Ive created for all my presets using all 3 Augmented VST’s (STRINGS, VOICES, BRASS) are now destroyed, overwritten and turned into this and they do nothing. This is a new bug PLEASE FIX. This was not the case in the previous update, that I have to revert back to.

It was this

Now its this???

Just noticed this is also apparent in ver 5.9.0… Went back and re-installed 5.8.0 and we are back to normal

So now after going back to 5.8.0, I’m finding out that I no longer can configure Pigments within Analog Lab… Its telling me that I need a newer version of Pigments to open it but as you can see Im on the latest version. Please fix this bug so I can go back the current update

Hello, you can contact the support regarding your issue !

Done, hopefully this bug gets worked out soon

Still yet to receive a response… hoping this bug gets fixed soon