Analog Lab 4/V/Pro and "Legacy Sounds"

Apple MacBook Pro (M1) with both Analog Lab 4 and Analog Lab V/Pro installed.

In Analog Lab Pro, “Include Legacy Sounds” is enabled. It is my understanding that this allows access to all the previous Analog Lab 4 presets, correct?

Does this actually import those presets into Analog Lab Pro?

I guess the real question is, can I delete the Analog Lab 4 application now, or will that cause the Legacy Sounds to be deleted also?

Do I just delete the app icon in Applications, or is there a proper uninstaller.

I’m probably overthinking this…

Hi @oysterhead,

I don’t know if you are overthinking it. But you could just try things out after creating a backup.

You don’t import the presets when you include. Include just make the legacy sounds available from the original locations.
If you have the full versions of applications that’s now legacy, then you also need to the applications to do deep editing.
I don’t uninstall older Analog Lab versions, if the new install does’nt do it automaticly. Perhaps if you back up the presets you can uninstall the application. But keep in mind, that Analog Lab presets can use something that’s not in the latest Analog Lab.

“Include Legacy Sounds” does not import the presets in Analog Lab Pro, it only displays the presets that already exist in your filesystem, but that are from legacy instruments that are installed on your computer (like Piano V2, Wurli V2, Mini V3, and also Analog Lab 4 if it is installed).

I think that if you uninstall Analog Lab 4 it will delete the Analog Lab 4 Factory presets (that are mainly Multi presets I think), so you will not see them anymore in Analog Lab V. It will keep your User presets created with Analog Lab 4 though.
If you want to uninstall Analog Lab 4 but keep the presets, you can save the presets you like in Analog Lab V as user presets before uninstalling.

On mac the best is to uninstall from the Arturia Software Center, as it will clean all files (except a few things like user presets).