All drawbars pushed in and still hearing sound

B-3 V on Mac. Why is it that I’m still hearing tone from either manual or pedals when all drawbars are at zero? It sounds like a bit of 16’ and at least one other. Pedal sounds a bit different. And if I for instance set the lower manual to 008800000, I can definitely pick out some 16’ in there. I didn’t remember that this was real Hammond behavior back when I had access to one.

Hi @NewNumbers ,

In the MOD section you find Advanced settings. It can be about the Drawbar Leakage setting. The Tonewheel Leakage setting can be responsible for the low note. Remove the Leakages.
If you still have sound then check the Drawbar Modulators to the left in the Mod section. If still sound check your host automations.

FYI: There also is a Background Noise parameter in the MIX settings.


I have yet to use this instrument myself. Though, since this is a model of a B3 organ, what you are most likely hearing is leakage.

This was a real artefact back in the day. I believe the older the organs for, the more leakage would occur. It’s actually part of its charm in many cases. It also adds to its sense or realism. Without it, the patch would sound slightly different, possibly even a bit more sterile.

Even so, I’ll admit there are times where it can be really inconvenient. As LBH says, you can actually find the control for Drawbar Leakage in the Advanced settings. It might even be possible you could map it to a control so you can bleed in as much as you want, when you want.

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I guess the setting was part of the supplied preset I was working with. Yeah, I don’t want any of that leakage - as it was set it was pretty blatant. I have an old JL Cooper FaderMaster that I think can be set up to send controller codes that will make the drawbars move - that’d be nice to have.

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A little bit of leakage can be nice to have, especially if you want it to sound more classic, worn and well used. But it’s not useful for everything as you have discovered