All banks not showing in My Sound Banks

If I go to My Sound Banks it only shows two rows of large icons for each bank. If I import new banks, they won’t show up here, but if I select Explore and search for specific presets in this bank, they will show up. So the banks are “there” but they’re not showing up as a bank in My Sound Banks. I have already tried deleting the database from /Library/Arturia/Presets/.

EDIT: Ok, I figured out that it was basically dumping them all into a single folder for User Sysex. I’m a little puzzled though, because I had imported sysex before and it didn’t do this, it put them each in a bank with the same name as the sysex file that I had imported. So I guess my question now is why did it use to do that and now it’s just throwing them all together?