ALab Playlists and Presets

How do Playlists treat Presets?
As in - when I add a preset to a playlist, and want to tweak that preset:

  1. am I tweaking the original preset? So my changes will propagate everywhere?

  2. Or are my tweaks applied to the preset-in-that-playlist-only? And outside of this playlist that preset will be left intact?

If it is #1: what are good practices to have multiple versions of same preset, for use in different contexts?
An obvious one: make a copy, tweak it. Is there any other way?

Also - when preset is viewed in a Playlist - it’s keyboard controls are not labeled (see pic) - ??

Hi @tomilchik ,

From the manual:
5.1.4. Playlist Presets Are Independent
Presets you place in a Playlist are saved independently as part of the Playlist. This means
that any change made to the original Preset won’t affect the sound of the Preset in your
Playlist. Conversely, any change made to a Preset in a Playlist won’t affect the original as
found in the Preset Browser. If you’ve tweaked a Preset inside a Playlist and would like to
use that version elsewhere, save a copy of it in a User bank so you can access it without
having to load the Playlist.

I can add that the duplicates are stored in the Playlist folder in your Analog Lab Preset folder in the main preset folder.

I don’t seem to have the problem with missing labels. Perhaps try to reinstall your Analog Lab.

BTW: You have now posted several times. In the future please post Analog Lab topics in the Analog Lab section to keep the forum tidy. AL is not your controller unless perhaps it’s about a speciel relation between a Arturia controller and Analog Lab. Other peope might not search for Analog Lab releated topics in a controller section.


Thank you!
Re: using wrong section - my bad, the word “Lab” threw me off.
I’ll make sure Q’s go where they belong.

That’s ok @tomilchik .