ALab + mkii 61: keys sensitivity

Trying to figure out this aspect of keys sensitivity.
Setup: ALab (latest, a/o Feb 2024) + mkii KeyLab 61.
No Collection; just 10k+ presets that came with ALab; no synths.

Trying bass sound for A-ha Take On Me.
This preset sounds okay (maybe need to tweak): DX7 “Rom1A 15-BASS 1”.

to get that zing on top - I have to hit keys quite hard.
If softer - zing is gone => doesn’t sound like original anymore.

Trying to figure out - which one is it?

  • mkii keyboard velocity sensitivity? Would apply to any preset I presume. And I think I know how to adjust this; but not keen on the fact that it’ll affect everything, across the board
  • this particular patch setting? If yes - I’ve no idea how to tweak it.

Any advice, please?

Hi @tomilchik ,

You can first try to set the Velocity settings that’s available for DX7 presets in Analog Labs right panel under the tab Settings to “Full” instead of to “DX7”.
Does that help enough?

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That was the case!
Thank you, Teacher :)))

You are welcome.