Advice as to buying preowned

Hello community,
as a soon-to-be Arturia newbie I have two quick questions.

I have an offer for a preowned Audiofuse. The price is good and the seller claims that I have access to the free plugins that come with the package when buying new. Can anyone verify this?
I own a Mac with USB-C only and a passive Hub für USB-A cables. Is it advisable to buy the Studio for the USB-C port in terms of latency or will the Audiofuse likely be fine? DAWs used are Logic and GarageBand.

Thank you every in advance and happy new year!

HI @Luke85 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Good to hear you’re a ‘soon to be Arturia noob’! We ALL were once!

You might want to have a quick look at this thread regarding USB hubs as they can be problematic in DAW setups, generally powered hubs are the way to go if you HAVE to use one.

Regarding purchasing second hand, if possible use a service such as PayPal as if there are any ‘shenanigans’, they generally come down in favour of the purchaser.
If you’re purchasing from a friend, then you know where they live!!! :wink:

Try and make sure they unregister the unit and plugins from their account etc.

Once all that’s done… Enjoy your new Arturia gear! :sunglasses:

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