Adding old presets after Version 5 firmware update?

Hi –

I just got started with a new microfreak. Unfortunately, it was loaded with Version 4 firmware.

I got MCC installed and running, and updated the Microfreak firmware to V5.

I have three “factory presets” showing in MCC – version 3, version 4, and version 5.

. . . Which ones should I add (to get a complete set of factory presets), in what order, into what positions in the preset list?

Thanks –

. Charles

PS – this is one fascinating tiny box, chock full of goodies!

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Hi cpcohen!

I think if you have version 4 it has all the previous presets, so if you add the version 5 you will have all :slight_smile:

If you don’t have all, I still think version 5 have previous presets too.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you need more help :alien:

Thanks. I’m going through all the presets, keeping the ones I like, dumping the ones I don’t.

MCC seems to be a nice tool for doing that.

. Charles

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