Adding a second part in Analog Lab V not working

Hi. New to Analog Lab V. I loaded a preset, recorded MIDI in my DAW, and it’s playing back fine. It’s from the Strawberry Fields pack of presets I bought. I added a second part I want to try along with the first; this one is from the Toto Tribute presets pack I bought. That was easy. Added the second part. I see it in the GUI, active. But it’s not getting triggered at all by the MIDI, a simple couple of notes. I’ve played them separately so I know they’re working. I’m assuming I should be able to trigger both and blend to taste having two parts. Is this right; what am I doing wrong. Thanks for any help

Hi @Billy86. Welcome to the community.

It sound like either a Midi Channel setting or a keyboard Range setting issue for a Part.
Please read section “4.5. Keyboard Settings” in your Analog Lab manual. (When you have a Multi, then a button with a workwheel named Keyb. Settings is to be found in the lower toolbar of Analog Lab. Click the button to access the Keyboard settings).

Also be sure midi channels in generel is set correct in case the above does’nt solve your problem. Feel free to ask further.

Thank you for the reply. The keyboard range settings are exactly the same; both parts (as designated by the colors you show in your image) run the entire length for both. Both are synths. Midi is set to all in the Global settings. I had just closed my DAW when I saw your note, so I reopened the project to double-check on your suggestions, and it worked fine!

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Good it work.