Activate Leslie by pedal

Hi There,
I would like to change the Midi settings of my Arturia KeyLab MkII keyboard to be able to control the activation of the B-3 V2 Leslie from a pedal in Switch on/off mode using the Aux1 or Aux2 input. Is there someone who can help me ?

Hi @Rava and welcome to The Sound Exploresrs Forum!

It should just be a case of running either the plugin or standalone version of B3v2 with your KL MkII connected, open the advanced controls by clicking on the ‘cog wheel’ in the upper right hand area… yellow line points to it in pic below…

Then click on the ‘midi’ tab, then on ‘learn’ and move the pedal you wish to map to it, this should do the trick for you! See below…


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Hi MatJones, thank you very match, your precious directions work perfectly in stand alone mode. They don’t work as well when I use Analog Lab V Pro, do you have any ideas about this ?

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Hi @Rava

Cool! Glad that sorted it out for you.

Thinking about ALV for a moment, there are so many different synths and keyboards in there that have many different parameters between them, not all of them have the Leslie, for instance.
You could try going through each of The V ColX, if you have it, and set up your own system of CC assignments, that would possibly work.


Hi @Rava Welcome from me too.

You can try to set your AUX input pedal to midi CC#66 or 67 in the full B3 V2 application and map it to the relevant Leslie switch. Keep that MIDI config active. Then open Analog Lab and see if the pedal work without any further mapping.

FYI: Midi CC#66 and 67 i usually used for Sostenuto and Soft pedals, and they are used as such in Piano V3 default mapping.