Acid V too heavy on CPU?

Hi everyone, I’e been trying Acid V and I noted that it’s being quite heavy on my CPU. Has anyone else had that feeling ? It reminded me of Augmented Strings which is still a little heavy on my cpu. I’m using a full specs Macbook Pro 16 " 2019, Intel I7 - 6 cores and 16 GB ram. I’ve been getting crackligns and noises when it gets to 70 % of CPU and thats with only one instance of Acid V in Ableton Live 11 and no other tracks.
Is it my laptop ? That suddenly feels old ?


Hey @ManuelSalazar welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Yes, Augmented strings is a bit of a beast, but when you look at what’s actually going on under the hood it’s not hard to see why.

What kind of audio interface are you using with your Mac and what buffer settings are you using?
I use a windows machine, i9 9900K with a PCIe RME audio interface, usually running @ 44.1/32bit FPU, 128 samples of buffer, and The Acid V barely touches my machine.


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Hi Mat, thanks for your answer. It will help me figure things out. I’m using a Scarlett 4i4, on 48000 sample rate and 512 samples of buffer. I also have an Arturia MiniFuse 1 too and a NI Maschine MKIII, but regardless of the interface I use. It gets very demanding very quickly. My laptop starts to run hot very quickly. I’ll try another DAW.
But thanks for the insights.

Hi @ManuelSalazar, Welcome.

70% CPU usage is ridiculous. Especially with the soundcard settings you write you use.
If your computer run hot, then perhaps it does’nt perform well. I suggest you messure the CPU performance and the temperature.
Perhaps a cleaning or a fan adjustment or something else can help. (I’m not on MAC)

However, if you can run Augmented instruments without issues, then perhaps try to reinstall ACID V.