Acid_V appreciation post

Hi Everyone!

For my first post, i don’t so much want to show my music, but i want to use it to say my compliments to the Arturia staff that produced the amazing Acid_V.

Here’s a video because i don’t know how to embed Bandcamp links. I hope this works.

I made this track in no time at all, though i did start out with a preset, to get into the swing of things. Apart from the drums and a synth pad, everything you hear is coming from the Acid_V. Including the spaced out reverb parts.

That’s a Comp_VCA 65 compressor delivering true grit on the drums, by the way.

Hair raising sounds and a very intuitive GUI for a not-that-techy guy like me.


EDIT: I couldn’t stop working on this (too much fun!), so the above video is an updated version from the original track.

Greetings from Belgium,


Hey @Bolle welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

That’s great news that you’re enjoying The Acid V so much, i’ve been having LOADS of fun with it myself too :heart_eyes: It’s a versatile little beastie isn’t it!
Just listening to your track now…NICE WORK!
…And yep, Comp VCA 65 is a fantastic compressor too, the limiter can add some wicked distortion to snare drums in particular.

looking forward to hearing your next offering.

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I must add my congratulations and thanks to the Arturia team too. Acid V is amazing.
Beautiful squelch and rhythm!



Hi Bolle,

I also use Comp VCA a lot (with FET when mastering). VCA does wonder on acoustic instruments.

I can hear echos of Belgian group Lords of Acid in your track. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Francoise,

This is actually the first time i used the Comp VCA 65. I only just bought it. I can’t wait to try it out more. In this track the drums are a little loud, but i’m a drummer so i would do that. :laughing:

There’s definitely a late 80’s/early 90’s Belgian acid dance music influence in this track!



Hi @Bolle welcome to our Sound Explorers community !

The Acid V Sound aweosome! I can stop using it and the music your share is awesome too! Keep playing and creating music!

See you around the forum!