Accessing Function Bypass Parameters via DAW Learn/Automation System

It looks like Synthi V parameters are mostly accessible via the DAW to do automation, or to control it with a MIDI controller but through the DAW’s own Learn system instead of the plug-in’s built-in one.

But the bypass buttons for the Functions seem not to be among these available parameters. Any plans to add it? The bypasses for the Effects are there after all . . .

I am avoiding the built-in Arturia mappings as a workaround because MIDI CCs as part of MIDI items (which is usually picked up by the plug-in) are handled differently from controlling native automations with a MIDI controller in my DAW (REAPER), and I prefer the latter for this case.

Hey @longvandyke thanks for sharing this.

Could you please clarify if this is the “Bypass button” you’re talking about? thanks

Yes, that’s the one.