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This is our first digital desktop synthesizer launched in 2007 with 32 polyphonic voices.

Origin is a digital physical synthesizer with analog emulation equipped with:

  • 53 buttons,
  • 81 keys,
  • 1 joystick,
  • Data adjustment wheel and LCD screen
  • Backlit color for information.

The Origin makes it easy to both change the sound during your play and the use of a wide range of real-time editing possibilities.

Origin contains 400 factory-preset programs and 600 user-editable programs.

Each Program is made up of a set of modules (oscillators, filters, mixers, envelopes, LFO etc.) and connections routed to one or more of the VCAs (up to 4). This structure creates incredibly rich sounds. Each Program can be played by the sequencer or by the arpeggiator and be connected to three effect slots.

In addition, a Multi mode allows you to stack up to four Programs to layer sounds, as well as assigning a specific MIDI channel to four parts for multitimbral operation.

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Galaxy 3D modulation alone makes Origin worth the investment. Pity. Origin is really the Bugatti of synthesizers. Having too tiny a market to support its continuation does not prevent it from being historically astounding.

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