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Where can I get a more complete and detailed manual for MiniFreak?

The one presented now is not complete and not very understandable for beginners.

This is especially true after a recent update, which added new functions and features.


The latest manual I can see is dated Dec 2023, presume that’s the incomplete one?

Just in case it’s not, both hardware and v collection minifreak manuals dated Dec 23 are here

I’ve found weird things looking for their manuals in the past, I’ll find one on my iPad, then search for it on my PC and find a completely different version

I also don’t think manuals including from others like NI are usually that good at teaching beginners, usually I try to find someone on YouTube that shows me.

Unfortunately, YouTube also doesn’t have that much information presented in expanded form.
Basically, this is fragmentary knowledge, or something that is shown by professionals.
In addition (and to my regret) the presentation of information does not fully allow one to acquire knowledge of how to use this equipment.
Which in turn leads to some disappointment.
And how then can beginners comprehend the basics of synthesis?
No, you can, of course, return to software equipment and a MIDI keyboard. Noah has already mastered this and wants to be able to do something more.

PS Here we need not say that there is simply no translation of the equipment manual into my native language. This is why the question arises about the freshness of it, after the latest updates.

Still, thanks for the answers.

I know you mentioned YouTube, so you may well have seen these. However, just to be sure I’m posting a link to the playlist of the official Arturia tutorials. They’re basically the same ones that are on the MiniFreak resource paged linked to above by @HobGoblyn. When viewing them directly on YouTube, they’re organized in a list and there are proper subtitles that have good translations to any language.

While this doesn’t cover the basics of synthesis as such, it’s almost 3 hours of basic tutorials in total:

Thank you. I’ve already seen this.
It would be preferable for me to receive instructions in PDF.
In addition, there is basically no translation into my native language.
Only if I do it myself and for myself.
That’s why I’m looking for an updated and complete manual.
I almost translated the old one, but an update came out and now these works have gone down the drain.

I found this, which seems to be quite good:
The Beginner’s Guide to Audio Synthesis | Black Ghost Audio
You could translate the site with deepl or Google translate.

Or check this out:
Get started | Learning Synths (ableton.com)
It’s available in different languages.

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much ! Very informative !

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