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Hi to all.
How can separately created sounds be combined into your own library?
Thank you.

HI @Bjorn and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Are you wanting to save them on The MiniFreak V or The MiniFreak Hardware?

Perhaps V. Most likely this is done through a software module?

Everything is clear with the device itself. I created a patch and saved it to the synthesizer’s memory.

How to put together your own library of disparate sounds?

Hi @Bjorn

Good question mate!

After a bit of messing about…

Open MFV, after you have imported any patches you want to save in a bank.
They’ll now show up in your ‘user bank’, (i can’t find another way to create a new user bank other than the following method).
Export your bank, hit the hamburger icon in the top left of MFV and select ‘Export/Export Bank/User Bank’. Export the bank.
You can rename the bank by right clicking on the name of the bank you wish to export and choosing ‘rename bank User…’ before you export.

You now have your new bank!


Thanx a lot !

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