About Kris Lennox "Paradigm"

I love what Kris Lennox composed on the MB , watch his youtube, but does somebody know or tried to figure out how he programmed it ? All help appreciated , especially the way he gets constant variation in the music by just slightly changing the envolope settings and how he programmed the sequencer. Thanks


Hey @philsmbrute we’re glad to see you here :zap:
Yeah, we love K.Lennox performance on MB too!

You can take a look to our 1h Live Workshop on MatrixBrute where one of our PM gives a nice tour on the potential of the MB.

I hope you’ll find some useful information on this video!

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Thank you !

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Do you know of any other composers who created that kind of music on the MB ? I tried to find some compositions from Marc Doty but couldn’t find them, his MB tutorials are brilliant however, the best I could find