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Just picked up a Minilab 3. I like it…was using a Komplete Kontrol before… I’m a little confused about writing automation using it.

When using Arturia mode and writing automation using any of the automapped parameters - this has no relationship to the standard process of mapping and writing / editing automation in Ableton. Therefore I can’t tweak or edit any automation data after having written the data. It looks like some kind of proprietary function. Pretty annoying… I’m guessing I just use the DAW mode and map things myself? Seems it would be better if I could combine the automapping and abletons automation lanes as the automapping is basically redundant if it doesn’t write into Ableton in the standard way.

It’s possibly I have fully figured out the right workflow but please let me know if you have solved this!

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Hello @leifwyn welcome to our community!

What do you refer with “no relationship to the standard process of mapping and writing”? Cause I tested myself right now with the Arturia mode and record something with the automation and I don’t have any problem. Could be the MIDI preferences on Live?
Can you explain more what happen? to try to help you with that.

Let me know! See you around!

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I’m having the same problem. When I open Analog Lab vst, there is no problem with the automation recording. However, when I open other plugins of Arturia, such as Mini v3 or Pigments, I cannot get an automation recording. For example, when you turn the cutoff knob on Mini v3, the sound changes, but this sound is not recorded. The automation line does not move. Or I can’t check Ableton’s stock plugins either.

Hello @burakcanmusic ! Nice to see you around!

The issue is from Ableton I think. When that you load a individual synth like Mini V or Pigments you have to click the “eyelash” (I think is that the name in English) in the box of the plugins and press “Configure”, then press the knob or the function you want to automatize and it will appear outside in the plugin box.

Then you have to MAP to MIDI the knob you want to use to record the function you configure (in this case cutoff) and then you can record an automation in ableton.

Let me know if this helps you! I know there’s a bit complex than with Analog Lab but I think is more an Ableton thing.

See you around!



Thanks for having me. Yes the automation records but it isn’t reflected in Ableton. This is when using Arturia mode.

I can map things myself no problem using DAW mode.

When I had my Komplete Kontrol keyboard…I would access the software using the Komplete Kontrol plugin. Then everything would automap - so similar to Arturia mode on the Minilab. Then If I recorded automation using the cutoff for example - I would then see this automation written into the automation lane in the track in Ableton.

With this device - it records the automation but not in the conventional way…I can see and hear the changes I recorded but there is no automation written into the track so I can’t edit it etc. Even more bizarrely - I can write automation manually into the track on the same parameter which would then come into conflict with the automation that has somehow been written into the plugin.

i hope this makes sense. Can you add videos here?

Many thanks!

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No problem, I like to help other users :smiley:

To add videos you have to upload it to a link like a youtube video or you and upload a video to a wetransfer link so we can download and see it. If you can to see the problem it will be nice.

Yes all the things you say make sense but because I do not have the same issue in my Ableton and with my Arturia Plugins, I want to know if there’s something else or what can you do to fix it.

I hope you can send something to see. See you around! :smiley:

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First of all, thank you for your help.

It is true that manual mapping works using the “MIDI” tab on the top right in Ableton. However, what I want is to be able to use direct knobs and faders in Analog Lab. Analog Lab vst detects my movements, no problem. But this does not happen in Mini v3 or other Arturia plugins. I’m putting a video link below, maybe it will be more descriptive.

I’ve made a quick video of me using ARTURIA mode on the minilab. There is no sound but you can see me record automation moving the Cutoff Freq…you can see that it records the moves and plays them back - but - there is no change to the cutoff automation lane on the track.

Does this clarify the issue?

Many thanks!

We have the same problem. I hope we can find a solution…

Hi @burakcanmusic and @leifwyn !

As I told @burakcanmusic on another topic, this is an Ableton thing. You mas Map to Midi the knob you are using to the “Configure” function or it will don’t work. I know you want to just turn the knob and do the automation but in individual plugins like Mini V is the way they work in Ableton. So you must Map to Midi to do the thing you want to do. :smiley:

See you around!

Hey thanks for your time on this.

So basically the automap / arturia mode is broken on Ableton then? That is disappointing. Manually mapping using midi learn is the only process that works unfortunately…


It was a huge disappointment that a 500 Euro controller couldn’t even automatically control its own official software. I could use it with any controller by mapping via vst. With Novation Launchkey 25, I could use automation by doing Learn in any vst, not Ableton MIDI mapping. At least Arturia should be able to control their software.

Hi @leifwyn and @burakcanmusic !

I don’t think it is broken is more like “ableton-arturia communication problem” but, don’t worry I will send this request to see it on the next firmare for the V Collection. So just wait a few months maybe and will be correct and the controller is not the problem here is more what I said like a midi communication that Arturia didn’t see or is something that Ableton maybe don’t so easy. Just let see what Arturia will say about this :smiley:

Good Day both of you! Your welcome!



So on further investigation it looks like the data is being written into the midi control envolopes - look at the pictures. Cutoff is being written as MPE Slide. very weird.
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 16.00.10

Does this help to find a solution? Thanks.

HI @leifwyn !

Oh I see now…mmm I will investigate this days and see if we have to send it to Arturia.
Thanks for your help!

Lets keep in touch!

I’m having the same problem. When I open Analog Lab vst, there is no problem with the automation recording.

We have the same problem. ..